Community Website

Here you can find the information about:

  • The various activities and projects of our Association 
  • Future concerts, festivals, national holidays 
  • Those who need your help 
  • The problems of immigrants 
  • About interesting people living near us 
  • The development of Russian-speaking community and its interaction with Americans


For the People

This is a place for people who would like to:

  • Share information about their skills and creativity
  • Join our organization and exchange talents, culture and traditions
  • Share the ideas


 Our organization always open for that people who:

  • Look for support and partnership
  • Cherish and remember Russia
  • Proud to be  the American
  • Have the ideas  and know how to realize them
  • Want to be a sponsor of AM-RU and/or  its special events
Welcome to  the official website of the American-Russian nonprofit cultural organization AM-RU International Association

Our community website is dedicated to the development of American-Russian friendship and cultural exchange in our community. We develop and support kids and youth creativity. We help newly arrived Russian speaking immigrants to adjust to a new style of life. We support American-Russian families in better understanding of their cultural difference and help them to involve in a new circle of coomunication with people, having same interests. All our programs oriented for enriching community spirit through the educational support, artistic expression and cultural programs. We hope you enjoy our projects and will join us in our future events.

On our site you will find the information about:
  • Different activities and projects of our Association
  • The radio, video and audio studios, teachers, schools, galleries, clubs , initiative groups
  • The emerging concerts, festivals, folk festivals
  • People needs
  • The immigrant problems
  • Talented people lived nearby
  • The developing of the American-Russian relations in our community


International Family
Bi-cultural Couples (also known as cross-cultural or intercultural couples) are the families where spouses have different native languages, were born in different countries and their families-of-origin from different countries also.



Elegant Evenings 
Our goal is to bring people of different ages, professions, nationalities and cultures together in an elegant and fun atmosphere, where they can meet and get to know each other while enjoying a special evening.



“Russian Fort” club
“Russian Fort” is a special project for the Russian speaking Immigrants. We created it to help people from Vancouver/Portland area and its surroundings with an advice on how to start a new life in United States of America.



Am-Ru Cultural Festival "Soberiha"
The idea for the Russian-American Cultural Festival came about in 2006, when AM-RU International Association initiated the Russian and American Folk style events, to show the preservation of folk music and dance into the 21st century.